Prioritize Priorities

As Merlin Mann would say: if you have 27 priorities because then you dont have any priorities. With schoolwork and work-work catching up to me I have very little time for my own coding. Its important for me to make sure I get done what I need to get done. Midterms, homework, deadlines and life have been making it difficult of late for me to sit down and churn out a bunch of code for myself, even though the things I want to do are quick and simple. When I do have some spare time it hurts to even think about coding.

Right now my number one priority school finishing this semester and graduating is obviously the most important thing. Then comes work. We’re very close to releasing the newest version of our browser and I want to make sure that that goes off without a hitch. Last but not least is my own code and whatever free time I have left. Hopefully the sacrifices I make pay off in the long run. Sadly this also means that Unmentionables is going to be pushed back a little bit. It will probably be feature complete within the next couple of weeks, and then we can start rigorously testing it.

Here’s to priorities.

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