End of a Chair-a

Sophomore year of college, my friend Mike has an idea to build new chairs. Not just any seats though, take the chairs out of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero, and make regular desk chairs out of them. Being sophomoric, I have no reasonable objection, so he starts scouring Craigslist. We find a guy in Jersey selling two Fiero seats and decided to drive out there.

We pull up to his house. I should say shack. It was like Deliverance, but in rural Jersey. It didn’t matter. He greeted us, got his $65 and helped us load them in the back of a Honda Accord (no simple feat).

They were covered in velour. They had speakers in the head rest. They were badass.

We got back to the city, and went to Office Depot. We found the cheapest wheeled chairs we could find, and threw out the top half. We found planks of wood, and bolted them onto the bottom of the Fiero chair. We took the wheeled bottoms and bolted them onto the piece of wood.

Flash forward to today. I’m throwing out this “wonderful” contraption. After the sharp edges on the wood have cut my foot numerous times. After the lever has busted, making the chair sink every time it’s sat on. After it clogging up my room and serving as a good night stand because god help you if you sat on it. Good luck in your next life Fiero chair, you were great at being just not useless enough for me to not throw you out for 4 years.

RIP my chair

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