The iPad probably isn’t dying any time soon, probably

The internet decided last week, the iPad is dying. Too bad, I really enjoyed using mine. Well, not really for the first 4 years, but when Apple released the iPad Mini, it became my computing partner. Supposedly the Mac is sitting in the corner rapping “don’t call it a comeback.”

It depends on what you want out of a computer, and yes, I’m calling the iPad a computer.

When I’m at home and not working (the rare moment), sometimes I want to read some tweets on the couch, write a Tumblr post in bed, and listen to some music while I shave. At this, the iPad excels. People seem to be forgetting that while the software of iOS on the iPad is underpowered compared to a Mac, it’s also a whole lot more enjoyable to use. (Not to say it can’t use some more power)

I suspect a lot of people are like that, and Apple knows that. There are a lot more than the kind of person who rotate between Sublime, Xcode, and terminal while trying to launch a startup. And then once in a while, I get to take out my iPad and slow it down a bit.

The best computer is the one you have with you, and the iPhone is great, there’s nothing to say that the iPad can’t replace a Mac or PC for most consumers, and that is why I call it a computer.

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