Comparing Shyp to Time Warner

I pushed the magic button to get a Shyp person here to send out a couple packages I have been procrastinating sending for weeks. After that was settled, I dialed up Time Warner Cable, to get my modem swapped out, a process I’ve been actively trying to get done for weeks.

After a combination of pushing buttons and yelling “tech support” into the phone for 10 minutes to get me to the right place, I finally got a real life human on. I won’t bore you with the details, but half way through my call I got a call from the Shyp guy to tell me he was downstairs, and wanted to come up. I told him sorry, I was on the phone with Time Warner, but he didn’t seem to mind, and 60 seconds later I had given him my stuff and had gotten back my tracking number. Another 10 minutes later and 2 hold’s later I was off the phone with Time Warner.

Guess which company I liked dealing with more?

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