Every day at a startup is an exercise in getting to tomorrow. Some days it’s easier, some days it’s harder, but if you don’t make it until tomorrow, there won’t be a next week, month, or year.

This is why building a long-term foundation is incredibly important. If you keep making it to tomorrow without thinking ahead, in three years you might look at what you’ve built and realize that you’ve set yourself up for mediocrity or failure.

Every decision you make today is implicitly a decision you’ve made for the next few years. There’s a question of whether you’ll make it that far, and you can always change course from your decisions (and you should!), but it’s not without cost.

Stop thinking about how to build a company that lasts, start thinking about how to build a great company that lasts. Start making decisions today that will help you build a great company. Because down the road you might look back and realize that your company isn’t that great after all.

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