Everyone Should Use Generics Except You

As I was on hour six of debugging how to read an object from the database, my brain suddenly noticed the slight difference in two lines of code. The compiler error had been off, too vague to help me realize that I was never hinting the correct type to the function. Generics had struck again. I cursed in the general direction of my cat (unintentionally), and moved on. There was nothing I could do but accept that we’ve all been there, and move on.

Handing Off Public Extension

This is a blog post by Jasdev Singh, originally published on jasdev.me. I’m re-posting here since it’s directly tied to me taking over his project, Public Extension.

Firing off the first tweet for @PublicExtension on October 9th, 2015 was a rush. I was on the tail end of my batch at the Recurse Center, after having spent the previous quarter transitioning from an backend engineer to writing Swift every day. The goal was to regularly post extensions I’ve come up with, stumbled upon, or received from the community. In the span of a year, I collected 89 extensions, had countless conversations with the Core Team, and even represented the account at XOXO Festival.


Every day at a startup is an exercise in getting to tomorrow. Some days it’s easier, some days it’s harder, but if you don’t make it until tomorrow, there won’t be a next week, month, or year.


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