You Can’t Do It All

At the original iPhone announcement, we saw Steve Jobs on stage with Google’s then CEO Eric Schmidt, showing off Google’s amazing Maps. Built for the iPhone, it was something we’d never seen before. Apple’s incredible phone and revolutionary software combined with Google’s terrific web services and data coming together for one amazing product. With regards to collaboration, it’s all been downhill from there. Since then, every tech company has focused on owning the whole experience.

Comparing Shyp to Time Warner

I pushed the magic button to get a Shyp person here to send out a couple packages I have been procrastinating sending for weeks. After that was settled, I dialed up Time Warner Cable, to get my modem swapped out, a process I’ve been actively trying to get done for weeks.

Unbundling, Duck Duck Go, and Native Advertising

I tweeted earlier, comparing Duck Duck Go to Google when searching for the term “Go 1.4 beta”, and how the first 50 results (I got bored scrolling and didn’t go further, no pun intended) on Duck Duck Go didn’t even have one mention of the language. Gabriel Weinberg being the good founder that he is (he seems very smart, and I highly respect what he’s doing) replied asking for more examples of things queries that he can investigate to improve, so I figured I’d use the opportunity to leverage my thoughts, instead of the discussing the symptoms.


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