It's Not Better If It's Also Worse

For a long time I’ve told people that I love technology and all it enables, yet dislike the technology industry and working in tech. People often find my statement hard to rectify, probably because they see the two as inextricably linked. Technology is an ever-changing process, one that pushes humanity forward through the application of science, and the industry has become (and arguably always has been) about capitalizing those mechanisms of change.

App Store [P]review

Apple’s been in the news quite a bit lately over concerns that many apps on the App Store are little more than scams. Some of these apps aren’t even functional, they don’t provide anything more than a screen with no functionality, only a button to purchase an indefinite weekly subscription. Many developers and consumers are confused or surprised that Apple isn’t catching these scams, given Apple has a process for App Review which every app must go through, and while I’m not surprised given the breadth of the problem, I find myself thinking it’s very problematic for the digital economy and consumer confidence in buying services through what once was considered a safe place.

Empower Apps Podcast - Large Scale Teams

I recorded an episode of the Empower Apps podcast, where Leo Dion and I discussed a wide range of topics. We spoke about everything from how we scale app development to thousands of people and millions of users at Twitter, communication, documentation, people working together, and a lot about and the complexity of holding moral frameworks at a global level.


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