Create a Catchy Phone Number for $3 With Google Voice

When I was a kid, I used to try and make words and phrases out of my phone number, because before the internet we had nothing better to do. These days, if you want a custom phone number, there is a way to do it for only $3. So, here’s a quick little life hack for you.

When you sign up for Google Voice, they offer you the ability to pick your own phone number, from the pool of numbers that they own. I used Google Voice for a couple of years, before ultimately deciding to port my number to my carrier. The process to port your number only costs $3, a phone call to your carrier, and a few hours of waiting for it to go through (in which you can continue to use your phone).

  1. Head over to Sign in and click that you agree to pay $3, and that your number will be unlocked.

  2. Call your carrier (some even provide online options), ask them to port your number. If they ask for an account number, it is the same as your Google Voice number.

  3. Your carrier will give you instructions on what to do when your request comes through. On Verizon, that process is just replying to a text message.

  4. Wait.

  5. Enjoy your new customized phone number.

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